Which Houseplants Get The Biggest? 5 Common Houseplants that Make Huge Statements

Which Houseplants Get The Biggest? 5 Common Houseplants that Make Huge Statements

Which Houseplants Get The Biggest? 5 Common Houseplants that Make Huge Statements

Houseplants are decorative. They give character to your home, and they are usually small and able to fit in almost any little space in your home. This is why a lot of people buy smaller plants such as succulents, air plants, rubber tree, baby fern etc. Aside from the many other benefits having indoor plants bring to your home.

There are, however, many indoor plants that grow to make a huge statement in your home and end up becoming floor plants. Of course, you can choose to buy them as babies and watch them grow through the processes of repotting or propagating, or buy them big and bold ready to occupy some floor space!

If you’d rather opt for the floor plants here are 5 indoor plants that make huge statements!

1. Snake plant- If you’re a beginner in the gardening world, and would rather opt in for the large statement plant, go for the snake plant. It’s been dubbed the easiest to take care, being super forgiving, just remember to NOT overwater. 

2. Monstera - becoming a huge trend over the years, the Monstera plant thrives in humidity! It's perfect for bathroom decor, and can grow in just about any light level. Just make sure you mist them and keep their massive leaves clean! 

monstera plant- which houseplants get the biggest?

3. Fragrant Dracaena aka Corn Plant- Go bigger and bolder with this giant! The fragrant dracaena can get up to 12 feet or higher if you really wanted to make a statement! It only requires very little care making it an easier plant to grow and maintain. Make sure not to overwater and keep it out of direct sunlight.


Fragrant Dracaena- Which houseplants get the biggest?

4. Rubber Tree Plant- If you have a sunny spot in your home that just looks so bare and lonely, the Rubber Tree Plant can keep it company! This plant doesn't do well with low light, so make sure it gets enough direct lighting, and regular misting since it thrives better in humidity. 

rubber tree plant- which houseplants get the biggest?

5. Fiddle Leaf Fig- And last but not least, the original “apple of the eye” of houseplant lovers! They remain an exquisite option for home gardeners who love to make big statements with their houseplants. You just have to find the perfect spot with the perfect amount of direct light. This will be it's forever home, as fiddle leaf figs don't respond well to constant moves.These plants also require rotations every once in a while so it can grow straight rather than leaning towards the light. 

fiddle leaf fig- which houseplants get the biggest?