Houseplants are a beautiful addition to the home. It is mostly used to decorate the home, but they actually have much more to them than physical beauty.

So, besides the tasteful appearance it brings out, having house plants in your home is so beneficial and here are 10 reasons why:

  1. They purify the air- Plants have the wonderful ability of purifying our air. It keeps us from constantly inhaling toxicity within our home- such as formaldehyde and benzene which are found in vinyl or paint. Some plants that make the best purifiers are Spider Plants, Aloe Vera, Snake Plants, Peace Lily, among others.
  2. They can help you sleep better- Not only do they purify the air, some houseplants increase the quality of sleep. Jasmine, Aloe Vera, and Lavender plants are known to reduce anxiety with their calm and soothing effect. Don’t toss and turn trying to fall asleep, get some relaxing indoor plants to elevate your mood and help you sleep like a baby.
  3. They reduce stress- We spend majority of our time at home. Depending on how you look at it, being home can get hectic and increase those stress levels. Plants in the home can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and make you feel happier. If you can’t step outside to the greenery, why not bring it into your home!
  4. They make beautiful house decor- If you’re like me, and not very good at picking decorations for your home, opt in for some plants! Nothing says “welcome” more than lush greenery decorating your entry way. Most indoor plants are low maintenance and beautiful décor for those plain awkward spots in your home.
  5. They’re a great source of healthy produce- You don’t need a whole backyard to create a garden of fresh herbs and vegetables. If you have a windowsill or kitchen counter and table, you already have the perfect spot for an indoor herb garden. You can grow fresh produce/herbs such as: tomatoes, avocados, basil, thyme, cilantro and many more! You can be sure that all your consuming is grown fresh, pesticide-free and with your own TLC.
  6. They help prevent colds and allergies- Decrease your chances of getting a cold, and allergies by about 30% just by having plants in your home. How you may ask? A plant’s foliage removes airborne dust particles by increasing humidity around the room/home!
  7. They help you focus- Do you regularly work from home? Or maybe you’re a student that opts to study at home rather than a library. Either way, having plants in your study or workspace provides cleaner air for a healthier environment and in turn helps you focus a lot better! Plants help your senses recharge to ensure you stay alert and fend off tiredness.
  8. They help improve your mood- Studies have shown that plants combat depression, fend of illnesses, fatigue, and headaches. They are natural healers. They provide uplifting energy, ensure a positive mind state, and a sense of happiness.
  9. They’re easier and cleaner than a pet- There’s such joy and accomplishment involved with taking care of a living thing…but many of you may not be ready for pets, or your apartment doesn’t allow them. House plants are universally welcome everywhere, are low maintenance, and need just as much TLC as a pet, but won’t make as much of a mess. Did I mention they make for beautiful décor in the home?
  10. They’re good for the soul and overall wellbeing- Ever wonder why hospital patients are brought flowers while they’re healing? Or why flowers and plants are part of major life events such as weddings and funerals? Being surrounded by plants contributes to the general feeling of wellbeing and positivity. It makes people feel more optimistic and content with life.

 Not convinced? Put it to the test! Introduce your home to some house plants, and you won’t regret it!