Allergy Season Plants that Help

Can Houseplants Really Help with Allergies? Check out These 6 Common Houseplants That Do!


Can Houseplants Really Help with Allergies?

Spring is such a beautiful season. It’s not too hot or too cold. At just the perfect temperature, being outdoors during springtime can be so refreshing! Unfortunately for millions of Americans, this is also when allergy season hits and your allergies get the best of you! If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you may also suffer from indoor allergies, and yes, sometimes you can never escape the constant sneezing, watery eyes, and cough whether you’re inside or outside. We are just as susceptible to indoor pollutants and allergens as we are to outdoor pollutants.

Houseplants for Allergy Relief

A common answer to indoor allergy victims is houseplants!

As we’ve discussed before there are so many benefits of having houseplants, and allergy relief happens to be one of them!

They have two advantages: some clean the air and none of the produce excess pollen making allergies worse. But be warned, like with all plants, these varieties can potentially make allergies worse if not cared for correctly.  

 The cool thing about plants is the ability to kill a main culprit for indoor pollution: dust. If you leave a plant in the corner or shelf, and do nothing but water every now and then, it’s an ultimate dust catcher. Just be sure to wipe it down with a damp paper towel once a week or so to prevent dust buildup.

Once you realize that having houseplants is so beneficial in the home for allergy relief, now it’s time to find the perfect plant to do the job!

 A study conducted by NASA called the Clean Air Study yielded these plants as top contenders for thriving in closed environments:

 Peace lilies; not only are they easy to care for but they rid the air of benzene, formaldehyde and PCE aka trichloroethylene. These are found in common household items such as wall paint and can trigger allergies.

 peace lily for allergies

Chinese Evergreens or aglaonema functions as an awesome natural air purifier.

 Chinese Evergreen for allergies

Gerber Daisies are great for controlling benzene. Benzene is a byproduct of plastics, pesticides, cigarette smoke, and synthetic fibers. These charming beauties are great in spaced out environments so make sure not to crowd them.  

Gerber Daisies for allergies 

Swedish Ivy: this low-pollen houseplant is great for beginners. They are low maintenance, grow quick and east, and thrives in temperatures above 60 degrees F.

Swedish Ivy for allergies

The Dracena or “Janet Craig” is well known for trapping allergens in its leaves. Not only is it a gorgeous plant but also beneficial for those suffering from allergies.

 the dracena aka Janet Craig for allergies

The Areca Palm: known as the most efficient air humidifier, the areca palm is sure to keep your home moist when it’s too dry out, like in the winter time.

Areca Palm humidifier for allergies