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Best Elegant
Orchid Pot

The Most Beautiful Handcrafted Orchid Planter Ever!

Orchids and elegant pots go hand in hand.
These orchid pots are handcrafted with beautiful paulownia wood. Paulownia wood has been used in Japan for centuries for fine furniture.

Uncompromising Craftsmanship

That craftsmanship makes each pot a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

The beautiful wood design is classical, yet modern and stylish.
Despite their delicate appearance, these pots are very sturdy and well-made.

5 inch Orchid pots are perfect size for orchids

Orchid growers know that you don’t want to place orchids in too large of a pot. Stand With Nature orchid pots are the perfect size - 5".

And they are sold as a two planter set.
Perfect for elegantly decorating your home.

See through orchid pots help with watering.

In a see through orchid pots, you can easily see if the planting medium is drying out, or if it is still wet. With a see through orchid pot, water condensation on the sides of the pot is easily visible.

See what others say about Stand With Nature planters

"I really love these. They're amazing planters. You can see the whole root system, you can see the soil, you can know the water level. I highly recommend them.... I can't wait to get some more."

Abby Kurowski

Raleigh, North Carolina

"They're eco-friendly and absolutely stunning. Gorgeous...very well made...fantastic...they would make a great gift...I would definitely recommend."

Jennifer Fanaro,
Palm Beach, Florida.

"They're beautiful...very nicely made...Top quality. They're gorgeous and they will look really nice inside your home. I just love them.

Patricia Johnson
San Diego, California

See Through Orchid Pots Let’s You See the Orchid’s Roots

Another reason orchid growers like see
through pots are that the health of the roots can also be easily ascertained. Brown and mushy are dead, overwatered roots. Wet roots are bright green. Silvery roots are healthy, but not wet. Green or red root tips are healthy.

Drainage is so important to
healthy orchids

Our Stand With Nature planters have
slots for great drainage and aeration.

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Absolute Satisfaction - Money back guarantee

We have a no quibble, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you not 100% satisfied with your Stand With Nature 5" Wooden Planters, just tell us.

We will cheerfully refund your money, with no quibbling, no questions asked, with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Free Shipping and Free Returns

Our guarantee is doubly important when you realize that no other orchid pot company offers one! And we' will even pay the return postage!

Luxurious Japanese Orchids Planters

What is it about Japanese paulownia furniture that makes it some of the most sought-after, exquisite furniture in the world?

If you have ever been to Japan, you have witnessed the elegant paulownia furniture that are handcrafted masterpieces. Paulownia wood has been used in Japan for centuries. It is handmade by skillful Japanese craftsman.
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Stand With Nature paulownia orchid planters are perfectly imperfect

Part of what makes wood beautiful is it’s unique grain and character that comes from being a natural, living material. Because it’s spent years growing in a forest, real wood and products made from it - will never be perfect.

As with all wood, our Stand With Nature solid wood planters have color variations and marks. For example, natural wood will have mineral streaks, pitch pockets, knots and grain variations. This is all natural and expected. And as with all wood furniture, changes in humidity based upon where they are kept, can affect the wood and is entirely normal.
The living nature of wood brings a beautiful, organic element to your home.

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