The Mess We’ve Made

Air pollution, carbon emissions and deforestation are huge environmental threats. Like many complex problems, they’re interrelated. The reality is that we’ve managed to make a mess of our planet in the last 100 years. Now, it’s our job to clean up this mess we’ve made. If we don’t do what we need to do in order to clean up our mess, we’re going to be in big trouble.
We not only have to reduce our carbon emissions; we also have to draw down the carbon that’s already in the atmosphere. New research estimates that a worldwide tree planting program could remove two-thirds of all the emissions in the atmosphere today.
Unfortunately, the global demand for timber is increasing every year. We’re cutting down tree’s faster than they can grow. Deforestation for timer is making our atmosphere even worse every year.
That’s where Stand With Nature comes in…

The Tree That Could Save The Planet

Paulownia trees are the fastest growing tree on earth. When planted from seed, after eight years, it will be the same size as a 40 year old oak tree and in one year along it can grow up to 15 feet!
The leaves of the paulownia tree are huge. Paulownia trees absorb ten times more carbon dioxide than any other tree in the world. One acre of paulownia trees can absorb up to 90 metric tons of carbon a year. It also expels a massive amount of oxygen. These “lungs of the world” are set to play an invaluable part in the survival of the human race and the rejuvenation of our planet.
In addition to their ability to absorb carbon dioxide, much of paulownia’s eco-benefit comes from its incredible growth pattern. Unlike most trees that take decades or even centuries) to provide usable timber, paulownia yields excellent timber within seven to eleven years after it germinates. And after a paulownia tree is cut, it’s stump starts to immediately re-grow. It becomes a mature tree again in as few as five years.

Paulownia Wood Farming Is Helping To Change The World

Because of the eco-benefits, environmental groups throughout the world are helping farmers in economically challenged regions plant paulownia trees. Both in large groves and in between grows of edible crops. While their other crops thrive and grow, the paulownia trees add sustainable lumber.
This prevents the farmers from having to cut old growth forests. These groves and “inter-cropping “method of growing is helping to change the world. Not only are these paulownia trees helping to reverse carbon emissions, but they are also being used to help prevent the deforestation of earth's rainforests.

Wait, If Paulownia Is Going To “Save The Planet”, Why Are You Cutting It down?

This is an understandable question. Because the demand for timber is increasing so much every year, the world needs sustainable timber trees. Paulownia wood grows so fast, it can satisfy this need for timber.
Otherwise farmers in these developing countries are going to cut down rainforest trees and old growth trees. By encouraging farmers to grow paulownia for timber production, we are saving the rain forests from deforestation.
Finally, paulownia trees can be cut and regrown in five years. During this “high-growth” period paulownia trees leaves are absorbing the most carbon dioxide and reversing emissions. By environmental groups helping to plant millions of new trees each year, paulownia can save the planet. But we’re not “cutting them down” We’re cutting them to be regrown again, to absorb harmful carbon. Your support in buying beautiful sustainable paulownia wood products encourages farmers to plant these trees and not cut down old growth forests. You can help save the planet.

So Will You Stand With Us, and Stand With Nature?

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