Vine and Vintage | Plant and Home Decor Inspiration by #Plantfluencer, @VineandVintage on Instagram

Vine and Vintage | Plant and Home Decor Inspiration by #Plantfluencer, @VineandVintage on Instagram

“Being a plant person means ‘balancing what looks good’ and ‘what the plant needs.’” – VineandVintage


Our featured #plantfluencer of the day is @vineandvintage on Instagram! This family has an eye for plant décor in an antique and old-style manner to match their beautiful vintage home. Hesitant maximalists who love breathing new life into old junk, they successfully renovated and designed their very own home. What used to be an old 1900’s home is now a beautiful vintage themed home for the family and all of their beautiful collection of plants.

Since starting their Instagram journey in 2017, they have grown from showing off their incredible house renovating skills, to now showing off their beautiful plant interior designing talents.  But it doesn't end at their current home, if you check out their instagram stories, you can see they are starting a new home project. They are going to renovate, yet another home, and we absolutely can't wait to watch their journey! 

 What we thoroughly enjoyed about their plant collection and home décor style, was their use of hanging plants and vines. Throughout their home we noticed a reoccurring theme of vines decorating the walls or even beautifully hanging from the staircase.

Their use of the hammock in their living room is one of our favorite touches. With the hanging plants, tall plants, and hanging vines beautifully surrounding the hammock, and the perfect amount of sunlight, it can feel like you've escaped to a beautiful jungle oasis. Which is the similar feel we get when you enter their bathroom. This is how every home should feel, like your own relaxing sanctuary when you want to escape the daily nuances of the real world. 

If rugs are your go-to for accent decor, or you were just as intrigued as us by the beautiful rugs throughout their home, don't hesitate to check their rugs out on their link in bio on their instagram or go directly to