Plantastic Mr. Fox| #PlantFluencer of the Week| Sharing all Things Plant Care & Decor

Plantastic Mr. Fox| #PlantFluencer of the Week| Sharing all Things Plant Care & Decor

Mental Health Check: “Clustering your plants also increases humidity around your plants and keeps them 'plant happy.'"

-Stu Wilson aka Plantastic Mr. Fox

We love all things plants and plant decor. Our featured #plantfluencer of the week couldn't agree more. Allow us to introduce to you a very talented interior designer and biophilic design consultant, Stu Wilson, who goes by the name plantastic_mr_fox on Instagram. Stu is also an ambassador for the thestem_uk based out of London, UK where he resides. This awesome project sells plant-related items, and a tree is planted for every order made. 

Stu's eye for beautiful plants, and knowledge of plant care tips to go with each unique plant caught the attention of 76,000 followers on Instagram. Not only does he do an awesome job on plant placements, but also does a great job in teaching his followers all the correct ways of plant care. 

With autumn and winter here for the next few months, Stu has made sure he keeps his space cozy by making sure his lounge Autumn is stocked with more cushions, more plants, more candles, layered rugs, and blankets as pictured above. Nothing cozier and more peaceful than being surrounded by lots of beautiful plants! 

We also could not help but admire all of the beautiful plant shelfies throughout his home. The all-white appliances, and furniture does a phenomenal job in making sure the bright green plants pop and stand out. 

If you have time, do check out his website,

with lots of cool stuff coming soon!