Maximize your Space with the Help of #PlantFluencer @MyPeacefulMoment on Instagram

Maximize your Space with the Help of #PlantFluencer @MyPeacefulMoment on Instagram

“A beautiful plant may not be able to solve the problem but can definitely brighten your day.” – Yushan


To end our week strong, we would like to introduce our next Instagram #plantfluencer, Yushan (@mypeacefulmoment). She is an avid plant expert, as well as a very talented artist. You can check out some of her creative plant illustrations @gentlecanyon - talk about multi-talented. She has been gracing the Instagram feed since 2019 and has impressively cultivated about 123,000 followers.

Since starting with a simple photo of a zebra plant on a side-table, she has grown in maximizing use of space with floating shelves containing a variety of exquisite indoor plants. Don’t hesitate to check her out, you won’t be disappointed!

Plants are undeniably so beautiful with their unique colors, patterns, and different designs. Indoor plants are especially unique because naturally, plants belong outdoors in their natural habitat, yet if taken care of properly indoors, they can bring so much life and color into your home.


What we love about Yushan’s indoor plant setup is her use of floating shelves. She puts the perfect amount of plants on each shelf, where each plant compliments each other. One plant does not take attention from the other. The way the branching plants hang over the shelves like beautiful plant curtains is truly eye-catching! Not only does she have an eye for plant Feng Shui, if you will, she does a great job of taking care of each plant. Throughout her feed, she will give some great advice on how to take care of each plant, and if you check out her story highlights-even more great tips!


Not only is Yushan creative in her plant set up and décor, but also very well versed in plant care, which is what makes her the best candidate as a #plantfluencer.