Leaf + Lolo | Plant Care and Interior Design with #Plantfluencer Lindsay Wallstrum

Leaf + Lolo | Plant Care and Interior Design with #Plantfluencer Lindsay Wallstrum

“It’s no surprise I love to be surrounded by plants and it’s one of my favorite ways to unwind.” -Lindsay Wallstrum, founder of Leaf and Lolo 


What do you get when you mix the passion of a #plantfluencer and talents of an interior designer? You get Leaf and Lolo, an interior plant design firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today, we are shedding our spotlight on the very talented founder, Lindsay Wallstrum, known on Instagram as @leafandlolo.


Starting her Instagram journey in 2018, Lindsay has grown her following to about 78,000 followers on Instagram alone. She loves to share tips on plant care, DIYs on beautiful interior design with plant décor, and what inspires her the most as a #plantfluencer! Give her a follow on Instagram and do check out her flourishing business at www.leafandlolo.com. When Lindsay isn’t sharing her talents with us plant lovers, you can find her with her two fur babies and husband in Petaluma, CA or traveling in search of her next #plantfluencer project!

 We were so inspired by Lindsay’s brilliant transformations in her home, and how she incorporated beautiful indoor plants into her interior designs. If you get the chance to check her out, you will see how meticulous each plant setting is in each room. There’s not too much attention to JUST the plants, as it perfectly complements the room as a whole. She even shares how to design on a budget, which we all love, as being a plant parent and designing your own home can be costly enough!


So not only do you get to look at gorgeous indoor plants throughout her feed, but you can always learn so much as she shares her tips on plant care, as well as interior design. Talk about being well-versed in plants AND interior design! That is every plant parents dream, so let Lindsay help make your dreams come true as she shares how to beautifully design your home with your favorite indoor plants.