JCDesign1.1 |Tropical Boho Inspired Plant and Home Decor by Instagram #Plantfluencer, Jennifer Cohen

JCDesign1.1 |Tropical Boho Inspired Plant and Home Decor by Instagram #Plantfluencer, Jennifer Cohen

"I'm team plants everywhere! I feel they elevate the smallest, saddest space and make it come to life in a way that's fun and visually appealing!" - Jennifer | jcdesign1.1 

We couldn't help but admire the beautiful Boho Scandinavian theme throughout the cozy home of our featured #plantfluencer, Jennifer, also known on Instagram as @jcdesign1.1. With a passion for interior design and plants, she has truly mastered bringing a fresh perspective to the home design world. Her use of plants throughout her home bring a sense of a tropical oasis. 

Jennifer is a SoCal mom that has managed to inspire about 196,000 followers on Instagram. This comes to us as no surprise because scrolling through her feed of marvelous interior design photos, she proudly shares tips on not only how to style your home with plants, but also some helpful plant care tips! We love a #plantfluencer that isn't shy about sharing their DIYs on plant decor, plant care, where to buy the best plants, etc. 

There is so much we love about her space, and home aesthetics from the open air concept in her living room to the neutral brown and white tones throughout, that are beautifully complimented by the placement of her plants. The green plants among the brown and white tones really bring out a tropical beach like vibe. 

Every corner of Jennifer's home is always designed with purpose. She has a keen eye for the type of furniture, and plant to put in specific areas. If there is a boring little space that most people don't even bother with, she knows just the right pieces to place there. 

If you have enjoyed the photos, and checked her out on Instagram, you'll be happy to know, as we were, that you can Shop her home! Here you can check out her Amazon Storefront and find out where she gets all of the exquisite furniture pieces throughout her home!