Classy Casita | Boho Inspired Plant & Home Decor by #Plantfluencer Emily Sanchez

Classy Casita | Boho Inspired Plant & Home Decor by #Plantfluencer Emily Sanchez

“If it weren’t for my plant babies, this space wouldn’t feel the same.”- Emily |Owner of ClassyCasita


 In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we shed our spotlight on #plantfluencer, Emily, the owner of @classycasita on Instagram. Emily is a Mexicana currently renting in San Diego, CA who loves sharing her beautiful boho home and lifestyle inspirations with us. Emily’s feed has a variety of inspirations from plant care to home décor to travel and healthy lifestyle living. If you’re just in search of inspiration and ideas on how to decorate your home with a minimalist boho chic aesthetic including plants, check her out!


Since growing her Instagram following for the past three years, Emily has accumulated over 41,000 thousand followers and continually growing. She has also branded her own online shop @shopclassycasita where you can purchase moisture meters and plant markers for your plant babies. She is so talented that she got the opportunity to be featured on Home Depot's Instagram stories for a day, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, where she got to share her passions for DIY and décor inspirations.


 Not only does Emily have an eye for using plants as home décor, we can’t help but notice the overall aesthetic of her home. Her boho inspired furniture such as the wooden coffee table inspired by a ceremonial stool in Cameroon to the wooden tv stand with mesh accent details, and her beautiful fringed rugs really bring her home together. Each plant placement really compliments each piece of furniture. The terracotta plant holders throughout her home is also a perfect touch for her boho aesthetic.  

The best part is you can shop her home at where you can also check out her Amazon Favorites, her YouTube channel, follow her on TikTok, and even get some promo codes.


Emily has even cultivated her own blog where she shares her love for home décor ideas, her tips on beginning your indoor garden, and overall plant care, as well as her very own eBook called “How to Not Kill Your Plant” that you can download for FREE.


Emily’s current project is called EASE INTO FALL, where she shares with us how she is slowly transitioning into decorating her home for the fall! Check it out on her Instagram, get inspired!