Best Wood Indoor Planter EVER! A Buyer's REVIEW of Indoor Wood Planters

Best Wood Indoor Planter EVER! A Buyer's REVIEW of Indoor Wood Planters

Ok.  We get it.  

"Best Wood Indoor Planter?"  Ever?

That's a big statement. Right? 

Let's take a look at the facts. 

Google Best Indoor Wood Planter

When you Google "Best Wood Indoor Planter" - have you seen most of the results?  

You'll see that they either aren't wood indoor planters or that they don't have drainage. Or they are cheap, planters. Even worse yet, all of the above. 

Planters MUST have drainage

And let's get something out of the way right now. If your wood planter doesn't have drainage, then it can't be the Best Indoor Wood Planter. Period. 

You might say we're not objective. Maybe.

But the facts, we'll their VERY objective. 

Best Wood Indoor Planter - Stand With Nature Wood Planter

The Stand With Nature Wood planter "checks off" all of the lists: 

  • 1. It has drainage. 
  • 2. It's made of solid hardwood.
  • 3. It's beautiful (look at the photos).
  • 4. It has a matching wood tray. 
  • 5. It's great craftsmanship. 
  • 6. The potting soil/ water doesn't touch the wood so as to deteriorate the wood quickly. 

Stand With Nature Wood Planter with Drainage

The Stand With Nature Wood Planter has functional drainage!

But what about all the other wood indoor planters? 

Great question. 

So what we did was search Google for Best Wood Indoor Planter.

Here is what we found: 

Not the best indoor planters ever

So, let's go through what we found.

Dorcey Planter - These are wood planter stands, not wood planters. 

KIT Ceramic Planter With Wood Base - It's self explanatory. They're not wood planters at all. 

Basket Burnt Rattan -  Read the details: "Clever tin liner is hidden inside for a 100% watertight planter." It may be cleaver, but it has no drainage. "Watertight; no drainage hole." Says it all. Right?  No drainage - no bueno. Meaning: no good for you plant babies. 

Natural Bamboo Planter with Wood. - As you can see you can't put plants in this. You need to put a pot inside the Bamboo. 

Large Planter Willow Wood - This is actually one of the better options. It is made of wood. But the problem is the wood is a "composite" - not solid wood. It has drainage - which is good. But it seems the potting soil and water contact the composite wood. Thus, the wood will deteriorate over time. Right? Not good. 

Adobe Rattan Planter  - It's made of wood, but you need to put a pot inside the wood. 

A Beautiful Mess - DYI. It's a DYI planter. It's wood. But no drainage. 

Apartment Therapy - Again. wood stands, not wood planters. 

Let's go the next page. 

More wood indoor planters that you can find

House Beautiful - Again, not wood planters , you have to put your pot inside the planter. 

Harbor Breeze Home - These are "DIY Planter Stand with Wood." 

Nova68 - They are made of Paulownia wood. Which is the best, most green, sustainable wood (Stand With Nature planters are also made of paulownia wood).  And they are beautiful. But... there's always a but here, sorry... "Do not place wet plant pots directly in planters. Use plastic liners matching the plant's pot." 

Amazon -  All of the wood planters on either don't have drainage, are cheap looking, cheaply made and/or have the potting soil / water contact the wood. Or, ALL OF THE ABOVE. We know, we searched high and low for good wood planters because we want to buy them.. since we couldn't find them, we made them ourselves. 

PRAHA  -  Unfortunately, they're made of recycled wood (maybe, they look like they are made of plastic) and it says "Bio plastique."  So, at best particle board type material, at worst, plastic.  Again, it's hard to tell from the photos. 

Gardening's Core - "The wooden flower pots have no drainage holes." And the soil/ water contacts the wood. Not good. Sorry. 

Minimum Design - "Bio plastic and reclaimed wood" - In other words, not solid hardwood. 

Serene Spaces Living Paulownia - "This wood pot is for dry use only." In other words, you can't put live plants in them. Or you need to use a plastic pot inside of them. But, they are made of paulownia wood. So, that's a plus. 


And there you have it. 

When you actually look at all of the indoor wood planters, you'll find what we found.  The only only indoor wood planter that "checks all the boxes" is the Stand With Nature wood indoor planter.  

You can see for yourself. 

First, we suggest you watch the video reviews. 

Second, Stand With Nature has a No Questions Asked Guarantee.  

You really can't go wrong. 

By the way. If we're wrong about anything in any of our reviews. Please correct us and we'll update this post.....