Amanda Rae Wright on Instagram- Check out our Featured #PlantFluencer

Amanda Rae Wright on Instagram- Check out our Featured #PlantFluencer

Amanda Rae Wright on Instagram- Check out our Featured #PlantFluencer

 “Take a minute today to stroke some leaves.” – Amanda Rae Wright


"I've been trying to do some decluttering lately, but the cluttering is mostly plants so." - Amanda Rae Wright

Indoor plants come in a variety of size, shapes, colors, and with different care instructions. When you are a first-time plant parent, it’s hard to decide what plants to go with that will match your home perfectly. But sometimes the only answer is to go with all the plants, and somehow make it work. If you love the plant, buy it. Don’t think, just do! Your home can potentially look as beautiful as this:


Amanda Rae Wright (@amandaraewright) is an avid Instagram #plantfluencer, artist/plant nerd who loves aesthetically pleasing plant hoarding. She is also a designer of plant keychains, pins, and gifts which you can find on her other Instagram page @witandwhistle. Amanda is not shy about showing off her beautiful home filled with all types of plants. If there is an empty spot, she will most definitely either make a bold statement with beautiful heart-shaped leaves or fill smaller spaces with beautiful tiny hoyas.


Since starting her Instagram journey back in 2018, Amanda’s #plantfluence has reached over 79,000 followers, and we can see exactly why! From her beautifully pleasing home décor to her never ending collection of aesthetically pleasing plants, Amanda knows how to keep hungry plant enthusiasts coming back for more. Whether you need some plant tips, advice, or even just some inspiration on how to setup your space with never-ending lots of plants, Amanda is your go-to #plantfluencer!


As plant lovers, and aspiring plant experts, here at Stand with Nature, we were so intrigued by the aesthetically pleasing essence of plant hoarding found throughout Amanda’s Instagram. She makes plant hoarding look so easy and effortless. When you think of hoarding, you think of just piling and stacking knick-knacks throughout your home and potentially forgetting about them. But plant hoarding is a whole different level. Plant care is not one size fits all. Can you imagine the time, patience, and attention you have to put into taking care of the many different plants should you decide to collect them all? This is what inspires us about Amanda, as well as her plant placements throughout her home. It all seems to fit beautifully, getting the right amount of lighting for all the beautiful photoshoots she has graced the Instagram feed with.


You should definitely also check out her shop @witandwhistle to get some cool gems such as pins, plant keychains and other great gifts. Here are just some of the many things you would find:


And if you need more inspiration from Amanda, check out her shop on Amazon! You won’t be disappointed, whether you are already an avid plant expert or novice plant enthusiast, check her out!