14 Best Indoor Plant Accessory Gift Ideas

14 Best Indoor Plant Accessory Gift Ideas

Plants are in constant conversation. For people who love plants, and being out in nature, there’s no better gift than one that complements their hobby. To celebrate that relationship, we’ve compiled a list of gifts we believe foots the bill, so to speak. We’ve shared with you some unique plant themed gift ideas to gift, now we’d like to share some unique indoor plant accessories that make a bold statement in home, office or any indoor space.


  1. Teardrop Hanger Bundle, Wooden Plant Hanger, Tear Drop Hanger, Planter With Saucer, Air Plant Hanger, Boho, Mid Century Modern Planter


These teardrop hangers are perfect for displaying plants and other items. The plant plates/saucers sit at the gravity center of the hanger, so you won’t have any problems with plants falling off. But if you want to gift this to someone who is not into plants, it’s a great spot for keeping smudge sticks, crystals and other cool treasures. Don’t forget to check the creators out on Instagram!


  1. Large Floating Shelf ~ Hardwood Shelf ~ Large Plant Shelf ~ Home Decor ~ Single Wood Shelves ~ Minimal Room Decor ~ Indoor Plant Decor


Perfect gift for that plant parent who is obsessed with #shelfies more than selfies. This minimal shelf is perfect for any room, whether floating alone or can be next to other sizes for a more creative wall décor approach. Plant not included, but check out their shop on Etsy or Instagram for tons more variations of shelves.


  1. Hanging Planters, Choice of 4 Macrame Plant Hangers, Indoor Hanging Planter, Gift for Plant Lover


These gorgeous hanging planters are handmade and made to order. You can choose what style macramé plant hanger you think that plant parent would love in their home. They come tastefully packed making them the perfect gift! Suitable for small to medium lightweight pots and plants. Check out more of their creations on Instagram!


  1. The MK / Live Edge Cedar Propagation Stand / Test Tube Vase / Wedding / Glass Planter / Wooden Planter / Bud Vase / Gifts for Plant Lovers


The live edge cedar propagation stands are not only very pleasing to look at but also very functional. They can be used as stands, pen holder or whatever you’d like and seal them up. Perfect for home décor, table top décor, stocking stuffer or Christmas gift. They offer Christmas gift wrapping as well! Give them a follow or check out their work on Instagram!


  1. 26 oz. Long Stem Copper Watering Can


This long stem metal watering can is constructed of Stainless Steel and is not only beautiful but extremely durable! Seasoned plant parents and plant enthusiasts alike approve of this as the perfect gift for yourself or the plant parent in your life! Check out their work on Etsy or give them a follow on Instagram!


  1. Glass Air Plant Mister, Air Plant Sprayer, Air Plant Spray Bottle, Plant Spritzer, Watering Can, Modern Plant Decor, Plant Lover 


This gorgeous mister is made of glass and is one of the most efficient watering/spraying tools for indoor plants. It also adds a touch of minimalist and modern décor to your living space! It makes an ideal gift for both the seasoned plant experts and beginners. Check the creators out on Etsy and give them a follow on Instagram!



  1. Plant Trellis, Window Arch Plant Trellis, Plant Decor, Church Window Trellis


This beautiful plant trellis makes a lovely addition to plants. Use it to train your plants to climb or simply for a beautiful decorative touch to your plant! It’s 11 inches tall and makes for the perfect gift for any occasion! Check out more cool stuff on their Etsy and give them a follow on Instagram!


  1. Handmade Hammered Copper Houseplant Hoya Trellis Indoor Plants • Small Size


 This uniquely designed small plant trellis is a simple arch with a swirled pattern wire wrapped in the center gives extra support for your plant and offers an artsy design that’s a perfect fit to show off a special plant on your collection! Each trellis is one of a kind, as it is hand hammered making it the perfect unique gift for plant lovers. Check the crafter behind the art on Instagram!


  1. Wood & Cotton Hanging Planter SOLO 8'' - Hanging shelf - Hanging plant holder - Handmade


This Volante hanging planter is handmade in Saint-André-de-Kamouraska, Québec. It is a wood and cotton hanging shelf perfect to support your favorite plants in a nice sunny corner of your house, or beside a window. It is also perfect for a fruit bowl or herbs in the kitchen; for cosmetics and accessories in the bathroom; or even as a bedside shelf. Check out the Etsy shop and give the talented crafter a follow on Instagram!


  1. 19” Modern plant hanger, plant decor, hanging planter , modern decor, minimalist plant decor, unique plant decor, indoor plant decor


These modern indoor plant hangers are handmade of solid pine wood for the base, metal hoops, and macrame cording. These are all assembled for you accept the cord to hang. Which gives you the option to hang or display on a table or shelf. They make for the perfect gift for the plant lovers that love to beautifully show of their indoor plants! Give the crafters a follow on Instagram!


  1. Hanging Plant Shelf | Tiered Wall Shelf | Hanging Wall Shelves | Tiered Planter | Rope Shelves | Tiered Floating Shelf Hanging Boho Shelves


Another plant shelfie lover gift idea! Hand-crafted from wood to bring you a quality item to your home! Works great as a plant hanger or a bookshelf! 
These hanging wall shelves are the perfect piece for any rustic, modern, or farmhouse home decor. Perfect option for adding shelving space for plants, books, photos and other decor! Give the crafters a follow on Instagram!


  1. Leather Plant Hanger, mid-century modern planter, minimalist scandinave decor, choose your color


Minimalist, chic, versatile and the perfect addition to any room! These gorgeous plant hangers come in different colors: yellow, tan, brown, black or white. Great gift for the plant lovers that need a little plant accessory to spice up their space! Give the artist a follow on Instagram!  


  1. Stainless steel sphagnum moss pole for climbing plants


Sphagnum moss pole made in stainless steel. Triangular shape. Ideal for your climbing plants, with aerial roots or other plant and floral projects. (Mini monstera, philodendron, succulents, hanging plants) Very high quality. Entirely made in Quebec by Vert metal. Makes for a great gift for the seasoned plant experts or even beginners. Give the crafter a follow on Instagram.


  1. Double indoor hanging plant hanger leather plant hammock hanging indoor jungle air plant hanger macrame plant holder minimal planter decor


Beautifully suspend two hanging plants or plant pots in this modern leather two-tier plant hammock. Perfect for adding a little Scandinavian, mid-century modern, or boho to your decor. A chic alternative to the traditional macrame plant hanger to add variety to your indoor jungle. If you have a boho-chic obsessed plant parent in your life, this would be the perfect gift! Check out the talented artist behind the idea on Instagram!