Two Women - One Vision

We are two women. One in California and one in Tennessee.

We live in very different worlds. California and Tennessee are far different, it seems. But are they?

We both love nature. Yes, we are nature-loving, plant-loving, mothers that want to make the world a better place. One plant at a time.

May, in California, takes advantage of California’s mild climate by growing plants, herbs and fruits year-round.

May grew up helping her grandparents grow and harvest on their farm.

May and her girls share a passion for hiking in America’s National Parks and California’s State Parks.

Kim, in Tennessee, has been growing plants her entire life. 

She loves colorful interior design, plants, her husband and daughter - but not necessarily in that order.

She has been into gardening since childhood, both her Mom and Grandpa were gardeners.

Not only would she work out in the yard with her Mom, but her half of the bedroom she shared with her sister growing up was always full of potted plants. 

Both May and Kim share a passion for nature.

It all started with our children

May and Kim started Stand With Nature™ from their love for teaching their children the value and joy of growing plants.

We believe in making gardening easy and accessible for everyone.

Whether you live in a big city or the country.

We designed our Stand With Nature™ wood planters to be used in your kitchen, deck, office, desk, balcony, back yard, dorm room, bed room or even your living room.

We hope they bring you as much joy and satisfaction as they have brought to our family’s lives.

They are designed so that everyone can have a “green thumb.”

We thank you so much for sharing our journey. If there is anything that we can do in order for us to help serve you better, please reach out to us.